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Watering Trees and Shrubs

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Wait to water – if the ground is no longer frozen, and if tree buds are starting to swell, this is a good time to water trees. Established trees and shrubs (two years in the ground) do not require water as frequently as newly establishing plants. Most species will thrive on a good watering (to the root depth) one or two times a month during the growing season (April to September). You may need to increase this frequency to once a week during periods of hot weather. A good guideline for the amount of water is within the range of 38 litres per inch of trunk diameter when measured at 54-inches above grade. Use a regular garden hose or a soaker hose and move the hose frequently to ensure that all the area under the tree’s drip line is saturated. To determine the tree’s drip line, look at where the rain falls from the tree during a rain shower.

Tree Pruning Calgary by Out On A Limb

Written by Tree Pruning Calgary. Posted in Tree Pruning Calgary

We remove trees that are in decline, dangerous or unwanted. We do technical take-downs in locations with limited access and we have the experience to remove your tree. We employ fully qualified and experienced staff. The benefits of correct pruning include:
  • reducing risk of branch/whole-tree failure
  • better clearance for vehicles
  • pedestrians and improved appearance
Severe storms and other unexpected events call for rapid response, priority tree care. In these instances, a call to Out On A Limb will ensure the fastest possible assessment and emergency tree work.